Weekly Music

It’s such an exciting time for music, this month. Two albums NPR is streaming until their release, both of which I have not listened to enough yet to give too much of an opinion on, but I definitely do not dislike.


St. Vincent. Her two first releases from this album didn’t get me super excited, but I love love love “Prince Johnny”.

Beck Morning Phase. I can’t find any audio on youtube for any of the other songs besides the two I’ve already shared, but I’m so amazed at how much Morning Phase sounds like my favorite Beck album, Sea Change. The first song “Cycle” is even a sister song to the first song on Sea Change, “The Golden Age”. I need to let this sink in more as I know it’s a beautiful album, but part of me keeps wanting it to be Sea Change as it sounds so similar. I need to let it stand on its own for a bit!

I have a non-music post in me soon, promise. Ha.