A little home tour

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A couple weeks ago The Spoiled Life stopped by and took some photos of me at home and they’re up today! Some of you have been asking for a home tour and this is as close as it gets. Wendy was being antisocial hiding under the covers so the bedroom wasn’t shot (though she came out for a second to say hi for one photo), but the bedroom isn’t terribly exciting anyway. It’s fun to see your place through someone else’s lens! Pop over for more photos and a little questionnaire. And look at that, some open mouth smiles!


  1. Tini says

    Wonderful tour and interview. Any chance you might do a post on how to be a good friend to people in crisis? That really caught my attention and I’d love to learn more. Thanks!

  2. Lauren says

    I absolutely LOVE your home!! There are so many details here that I want to translate into my own space. Just one question (and a silly one): how do you manage to have so many healthy plants AND a cat?! I haven’t gotten a live plant since I adopted my cat in July and I miss them desperately.

    • says

      Thanks, Lauren! We are obnoxiously lucky as our cat doesn’t care one bit about plants. Or really anything, for that matter, besides her food. Ha!

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