Jewelry News

a photo from portrait day of Katie wearing the Etched Moon necklace

Just a few quick jewelry updates! The new Etched Moon necklaces flew off the shelves (I’m a liar, I don’t have shelves) but they are back in stock! Also back in stock are drops, which is a favorite around here to give moms I’ve noticed. And if you’re a good child perhaps you’ll want to get on a Mother’s Day present soon, just sayin’.

In other news, I have two new online retailers: District West, a cool new LA Times retail venture highlighting makers in the greater Los Angeles area by neighborhood (patiently waiting for them to add my ‘hood so it doesn’t look like I don’t really live in LA, ha). They are also selling some of my prints. Definitely check the whole site out, there are some really cool things to be found! The second shop is a great new online store called Anomie, and my pieces are in great company with some amazing brands I admire.

Lastly, this has nothing to do with jewelry but just thought I’d remind you again to give to the Got A Girl Crush kickstarter! Giving = just pre-ordering the next issue, NBD! Seven days to go.