Around Home


My creative energy has been a struggle this month, mostly because what I need to focus on to make that almighty dollar isn’t what my heart is set on. So I push through it, but I’ve been taking more photos and writing music with my brother as that’s what my heart is set on. I couldn’t get motivated this morning so I walked around our place and shot some little snippets of things that have changed around here. Mainly, my dad reupholstered my dining room chairs (seats – the only sensible thing to have reupholstered from two states away), Will built us a big new TV stand, and I’ve been working on making our patio a nice place to hang out on. Plants have had to be re-arranged as we’re blessed with a cat who doesn’t care about them, but now have a dog who’s into digging in the dirt of larger ones. Of course. We’re settling into the groove of the apartment being slightly taken over by the dog, but also learning what was overkill at first. I made her a bed she’s only mainly interested in humping most of the time (dogs, amiright?) but is a good place to make her retreat to for a treat while we’re trying to make some damn dinner. I enjoy a challenge of form meets function, so I’m figuring it all out without too much frustration!