Weekly Music

I totally disappeared this week, because whoa, it’s been nuts. A brief hello!

I haven’t heard a ton of new music this week, but a few things:

Another sweet new Lykke Li track “No Rest For The Wicked”.

Wye Oak has a new album coming out this month and I can. not. wait. “The Tower” was released a few months ago and somehow I haven’t heard it!

Lastly, this isn’t exactly music, but every Friday I am downright giddy for a new episode of my new favorite podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour. If you’re into pop culture (particularly TV and movies, but they talk about books and music as well) and want to hear smart, funny people from NPR making observations on it – get on it.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. MJ says

    hell yeah, pchh! every week, i save it for one of my longer, hour-long, weekend runs and i looked forward to it so much! going on a roadtrip this weekened and just remembered that linda recommended an audiobook sometime in the last month… gotta look it up!

  2. MH says

    follow-up, if you’re interested: the audio book linda recommended was sycamore row by john grisham and i don’t know, maybe i’m not an audio book person, because dear god it is boring. alone for 12 hours on the 5 could not get me to feign interest in the tiresome and trite plot.

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