Weekly Music


The new Jessica Lea Mayfield album, Make My Head Sing, is streaming on Pitchfork. It has a lot more edge than her previous album and it satisfies the angsty teen in me, though it’s not an all purpose listening situation. But I dig it.

Exciting news I wasn’t aware of until this week: First Aid Kit has a new album coming out in June! The new song, My Silver Lining, makes me wonder if the new album will have less ballad-leaning songs but it’s hard to judge an album by one song. The vocals are more subdued, but I like it. I love those ladies.

Dabito has a really great new music mix up and through it I discovered Timbre Timbre has a new album, Hot Dreams. I find it to be a bit less spooky-sounding than his other work, but it’s still good late night chill music. His voice is just so haunting, always.

The mix also reminded me I never shared this Ruby the RabbitFoot song, “Ways” I really like that I hear on KCRW a lot. I’m not a huge fan of the rest of the album as it’s a bit too sweet for me, but I love this song a lot. Her voice reminds me of Jenny O. a lot.

ps. thank you all for the amazing dog stories and tips! I’m overwhelmed by all the advice but love to hear your own journeys with your own dogs, it’s always helpful to not feel so alone in your struggle!