Ojai at dusk


A little over a month ago Will and I took a little trip to Ojai to camp for a night and get away. We used to love to go to Palm Springs to get away but now we’re alllll about Ojai instead. The smell of orange blossoms and wild sage and  was so overwhelming it made me deliriously happy.

I own three Canon A-1 film cameras (Will’s uncle keeps finding them for me, ha) and one has a broken light meter, and apparently I took the broken one with me on two trips recently! D’oh. Kinda lends to the dusk magic I suppose.

ps. an alternate photo to the one of Will dropping the leaves was commissioned for Timothy Cushing’s beautiful new album, Hunting Songs. Each song is accompanied by an original piece of art. Here’s mine.

All photos by Kate Miss, taken on a Canon A-1 with Kodak Portra 160 film