Weekly Music

Another week of amazing new album releases – man, what a season for new music!

Mirah / Changing Light

Mirah has the most special place in my heart ever since a friend in college burned Advisory Committee for me as he thought I’d like her, and I fell down a deep Mirah loving hole. That was such a good time in my life every time I hear those first few albums of hers I feel such nice peaceful nostalgia. Though I devour her music, I like that she’s patient with album releases – it’s been five years since the last one. Her sound has aged well on this new album – it’s fresh and current, but she hasn’t abandoned her more stripped down sound. “Oxen Hope” is really nice marriage of old a new sound and bested listened to as loud as humanly possible, and “Fleetwood Ghost” takes me right back to driving around in my station wagon in Seattle back in 2002.


Little Dragon / Nabuma Rubberband

I’ve already talked about some of the great singles from this album, and I don’t have any deep thoughts on this album besides the fact that it is awesome and you should go listen to it immediately. I love the opening track, Mirror – it kind of reminds me how my favorite Little Dragon song ever, “Twice”, makes me feel. Best listened to at full volume in the dark, I believe.