Weekly Music

I love love my new job, but one thing I really miss about working from home is blasting music all day for so long that I’d seek out new artists constantly. I don’t have time for that hunt these days so I feel a little behind, but have two goodies for you this week.

The new Jenny Lewis album is out, and a few people have asked me why I haven’t made a peep about it yet, being a die-hard fan and all. Here’s the thing – I’m a die hard Jenny fan, but not a die-hard Rilo Kiley fan. I was obsessed with The Execution of All Things in college as it was right for a specific time in my life, and I’ve grown to love Under the Blacklight – but I separate that from Jenny Lewis’ solo work, it’s different to me and satisfies a different part of me musically. So when I first heard Jenny’s new album, The Voyager, I immediately thought it sounded more like a Rilo Kiley album than her other solo work. It wasn’t as raw and soulful, much more of a pop album, and it took me quite a few listens before I loved it. And I do! I love it, but it just took some time before I recognized its power and layers. There are only two songs that haven’t completely grown on me, but I don’t skip past them and know it will probably happen eventually. My favorite song on the album is the opener, “Head Underwater”, but I couldn’t find audio for it, so I’m sharing my second favorite, “She’s Not Me”, featuring my favorite Swedish sisters, First Aid Kit, on backup vocals. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see her live again in less than two weeks!

I keep hearing about alt-country singer Nikki Lane and her new Dan Auerbach-produced album, All or Nothin’. I’ve always had a love for alt country ladies – Caitlin Rose, Jessica Lea Mayfield’s own Dan Auerbach produced album (dude as a type), among others. The album is breezy fun, nothing too deep and I don’t know how long it will stick with me, but I like the edge to Nikki’s voice and really love the title track.