What’s this? A blog post for the first time in months and months? It’s true! I have some little + big announcements/things to share so I thought HEY why not use my BLOG for these things? I’m going to try to keep this as brief as I can!

1. I have an online flash sale on Monoqi right now until May 11th. Monoqi is European-based so this is great news for my customers across the pond (though I’m pretty sure anyone can order from anywhere). Special prices I don’t normally offer!

2. I’m taking part in Maker Mentors on May 16th at 1pm PST. I will be taking part in a live interview-style session that you can tune into. Makers Mentors is a three-day online business conference with tons of awesome people involved that will talk about the art of crafting a successful handmade career. Please join and let’s chat! You can use my special discount code KATEMISSVIP and you will get $50 off at registration. Sign up for my session here!

3. My Skillshare class launched!! Super excited to tell you that you can now join my free Skillshare class in collaboration with Big Cartel, all about designing/starting your own Big Cartel shop. It’s an excellent starter video that I especially encourage people who have contacted me about designing them a shop but realized they have zero dollars ready to invest in help right now. I had so much fun flying to Salt Lake City to work with some supremely awesome people to make this video over two very fun days. So much love to Dan, Sarah, and Chris. Stay tuned for the next class we worked on!

4. I saved the best for last: I’m going to start freelancing again! No, I’m not leaving Karen Kimmel and Crafting Community, I’m just going down to four days a week so that I can put a little more time into my own endeavors again. It’s been a real struggle to keep up with my projects on the side and I had to completely stop designing on the side, but I love my job so much, so we struck a nice balance so that starting next week, I’ll have Fridays off to work on jewelry and design projects! So for all of you who have emailed about projects I had to give a sad face reply to, let’s work together!

A little bathroom selfie while shooting Crafting Community at the Ace in Palm Springs over the weekend.