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New California Postcard Set

March 27th, 2014

Kate-Miss-Postcards-2 Kate-Miss-Postcards-3

I have a fun new product I’m excited to share! As you may have noticed, I’m pretty in love with California and taking lots of pictures of its beauty whenever I can. So I decided to put together a set of postcards of my favorite California photos and it’s in the shop now for sale! I’m a fan of sending postcards, and I like having a set of generic cards to send out to people I care about for thank you’s, just saying hello, non-traditional birthday cards. But these are also printed so nicely they’d be just as happy being pinned up or framed on a wall. They’re 4×6, uncoated thick cardstock printed locally, and have space on the back for writing and a stamp.

I hope you enjoy them! And if you have a cool store that’s interested in carrying these bad boys, get in touch. katemiss @ gmail


My Favorite Photos of 2013

January 2nd, 2014

I felt off my game this year. I’ll elaborate later in my resolutions post when I can wrap my head around writing it, but specifically talking about my photography, I shot a handful of photos that I really love and added additions to my print shop I was excited about – and that’s definitely great – but overall didn’t reach my goals to shoot more people or figure out a focus for my work. I didn’t get as serious as I meant to. You can see my intentions to shoot more portraits in the beginning of the year, and then everything took a bit of a break over the summer (weddings, damn, they consume your life). So I make the same resolution for my photography this year as last year: more portraits. But also, I want to start a series of sorts. Or find a theme I’ve already started to continue. And as always, more adventures to shoot, even though that’s easy as my surrounding lend themselves to pretty photos easily. I have way too many goals for this year, but I’ll try to keep that all in mind in the back of my head.

So, my favorite photos – 1 per month:







June (didn’t really take photos that month!)






Our Honeymoon, Part 3: Purple Film (and new prints for sale)

December 10th, 2013


I knew Big Sur would be the perfect place to shoot a roll of Purple film, since the film really shines when shooting nature, and I really didn’t want to lug my Mamiya around on hikes so I brought my Ikoflex since it also does best with landscapes since the focusing is tricky. When these came back I was giddy, though annoyed with myself for wasting half the roll on that damn waterfall – ha! I got in one shot on the drive to Ojai of those brilliant yellow trees, and it’s so amazing to see them electric pink.

I knew right away I wanted to get some square prints made for the shop, so the waterfall and tree shot are now in the shop as 12×12! I know a lot of you use Ikea frames for my prints and there is an Ikea frame that fits 12×12, and like most of their dang frames, you just need to trim the print a bit to fit.

FMFY-BigSur-purplefilm-2 FMFY-BigSur-purplefilm-3 FMFY-BigSur-purplefilm-6 FMFY-BigSur-purplefilm-5 FMFY-BigSur-purplefilm-4

When we got home I realized I had one shot left, and I knew what I needed to shoot before we moved away from them a week later: those palm trees on my street. So this one’s for you, Johanna, who has been asking for a palm tree print for ages. I cropped it to 8×10 to fit a more standard print.


Our Honeymoon, Part 2: Ojai

November 25th, 2013

Kate-Miss-Ojai-1 Kate-Miss-Ojai-2 Kate-Miss-Ojai-3 Kate-Miss-Ojai-6 Kate-Miss-Ojai-5 Kate-Miss-Ojai-4

Our second leg of our honeymoon was a short one, less than 24 hours, but a magical one for sure. We decided we’d try to get to Ojai from Big Sur going a way we’d never driven before since we’d done the drive on the 1 many times, so I looked over the map and chose the 166 to the 33. I knew nothing about this route, it just looked the most convenient and possibly beautiful as it went through a bit of the Los Padres National Forest. When we drove back from SF in the summer we cut across on a highway that was the most boring drive on earth, so I didn’t know what to expect. Well, immediately I knew this was different. The entire drive across the 166 was beautiful and interesting, and when we got to the 33 it got even better. Gorgeous wineries and then some serious switchbacks (common honeymoon theme) up through the national forest. There were intense Autumn colors, a particular yellow I’d only seen in upstate New York. The 33 was a little intense, but worth it as we were the only car on the road and took our time. I’d love to go camping up there some day!

Then we got into Ojai, which is a great little town we’d been to before but only briefly. We stayed at the much talked about Ojai Rancho Inn, which lived up to the chatter. It was super affordable, really well designed, comfortable and homey, the staff is super duper nice, and the location is really convenient. My only complaint is that it’s right on the main road so it’s not super quiet, but again that makes the location convenient and everything else is so great it’s no big deal. Again, white noise app (I’m a crazy person about sleep, I know this). The best part is you can borrow bikes and then ride the bike path that’s directly behind them into town. It was so much fun and convenient! I want to go back when it’s warm enough for a swim. We also stopped by Summer Camp on our way out but they weren’t open yet, but the windows were huge it looked like such a great store! I daydreamed about a hammock they had for our new patio quite a lot on the drive home.

That concludes our tour, but I took a roll of purple film throughout the trip that turned out nuts I’ll share soon!

All photos by Kate Miss, taken on a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic with Kodak Portra 160 film.

Recent work: Crooks On Tape

November 21st, 2013

Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-1 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-4 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-5 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-2 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-3

I recently shot the band Crooks On Tape in Chinatown, mostly using purple film with my Mamiya and Ikoflex.

The band’s debut album, Fingerprint, is out, really fantastic, and you can stream it here. They were recently written up on AV Club and it was cool to see my photo there, albeit uncredited and awkwardly cropped (though probably not their fault). Ha.

Our Honeymoon, Part 1: Big Sur

November 20th, 2013

Kate-Miss-BigSur Kate-Miss-BigSur-2 Kate-Miss-BigSur-4 Kate-Miss-BigSur-3 Kate-Miss-BigSur-5 Kate-Miss-BigSur-6 Kate-Miss-BigSur-7 Kate-Miss-BigSur-9 Kate-Miss-BigSur-8 Kate-Miss-BigSur-11 Kate-Miss-BigSur-10 Kate-Miss-BigSur-12

Big Sur was very wonderful, but there’s so much hype and die-hard fans that I felt at times I was just tracing the steps of other vacations Instagrammed before us (ha!) because there isn’t a huge amount of ground to cover there. I almost wanted to not share the photo of the famous waterfall because of how over-saturated the internet is with that same image lately. But it’s so beautiful. Like, breath taking and aw-inspiring and I couldn’t believe it was right there in front of me. All of Big Sur is breath taking and I felt like I was in The Hobbit half the time, in fact. We stayed at Deetjen’s and I kept expecting gnomes to pop out everywhere. The only downsides are that everything is ridiculously expensive and the winding drive up the 1 is wonderful the first time but the pits the millionth time you drive on it, wondering if you will careen off of the side of the cliff this time, since everything is pretty spread out. Will isn’t huge on hiking and that’s the best thing to do there, we only did two very easy ones, so there was a lot of down time and I read many New Yorkers cover to cover (I was really behind on my subscription after the wedding). If I went back I’d go with someone who was into hiking and hike my heart out. Like everything, you have to do it twice to find the better way of doing it. The coast was so great, I’d love to go back and stay somewhere not so far up the winding 1.

The very best thing we did was kind of surreal and was something nearly every Big Sur-loving person ever told me to do – the hot springs at Esalen. They open up their hot springs for a very low rate (normally this place ain’t cheap) from 1am to 3am to 20 people every night. The hot springs sit on the edge of a cliff and overlook the ocean and you can see every single star in the sky. It was surreal because Will and I normally are in bed by 10 and always asleep by 11, unless we are out drinking, which is pretty rare. We went to bed at 9 (sort of) and woke up at 12 to prepare, and drove the scary windy drive in the dark and waited in the parking lot with strangers for someone from Esalen to meet us and walk us down a very long path through the grounds to the hot springs. It’s clothing optional, and the changing rooms are co-ed and you have to take a shower before hand. I had been psyching myself up all day to go nude, but I think the shower is what made me chicken out. I was delirious from the weird sleeping schedule and had no idea what to expect, so we kept our bathing suits on at first. But after a while we realized everyone was naked so we took our suits off in one of the hot springs. It felt incredibly freeing (not to mention more comfortable in hot water) but also so strange, I’ve never been naked in front of strangers before besides briefly in changing rooms at gyms or for doctors. At the end we got out and showered in front of strangers and inside my head I was screaming THIS IS HAPPENING WHOAAA! If I ever went again I’d go naked from the get-go as I don’t have a lot of opportunities to do something like that in an environment that I feel comfortable doing it in.

Besides the whole naked thing, the experience is surreal as it’s very quiet and a lot of just sitting back, staring at the stars and having time to be alone with your thoughts. Maybe it was because I was tired, but I had a sudden head spinning moment thinking about how we were on a rotating planet hurling through space and how crazy the stars were (so many shooting stars!) and how everything was just lit by moonlight and how the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks was real and not my white noise app I sleep with every night (true story). The fog rolled in and we watched it rise up and eventually cover most of the stars, and by that time it was time to go. We went back to our cabin and slept til the morning, and it all felt like it was just a dream. I can’t recommend this enough, please go someday.

We stayed in Big Sur for two nights and then we were off to Ojai, more on that later!

All photos by Kate Miss, taken on a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic with Kodak Portra 160 film.

Weddings: Goldy + Keenan

October 29th, 2013


The weekend before our own wedding, Will and I drove down near San Diego to Quail Haven farm and I shot someone else’s wedding – an event that many thought I was out of my mind to shoot so close to ours and during the most stressful week ever, but honestly, it was pretty nice. It was a distraction and a creative focus that didn’t involve spreadsheets, and it was a pretty low stress day as far as shooting weddings go.

What I can say about Goldy and Keenan’s wedding, besides how lovely it was and how touching all the little details hand crafted by them and their families, is that I’ve never seen a more competitive group of people in my life. I should have been tipped off when they told me they met on an ultimate frisbee team, but the extent of this wasn’t totally evident to me until everyone sat down for dinner and a drinking contest broke out to see which table got to go to the buffet line next. It went from drinking beer from glasses to drinking beer straight from the pitchers quite rapidly. Needless to say it was a lively evening, and they were smart people to hire a bus to drive everyone to their hotels. Weddings, above all, should be really damn fun and they certainly succeeded. And dang, that beautiful golden light!

Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-31 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-44 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-47 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-55 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-52 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-96 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-97 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-111 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-124 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-166 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-134 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-165 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-168 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-171 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-214 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-223 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-226 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-259 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-263 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-266 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-269 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-280 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-286 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-288 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-356 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-364 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-373 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-431 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-454

The details:

Photography: Kate Miss (shot on a mix of digital and medium format film) | Floral Design: Inland Wholesale Flowers assembled by Brides Friends (Alia+Becca) | Invitations: VistaPrint | Event Day-Of Coordinator: Taryn Sutherand |  Hair and Makeup: Bride+Bride’s Sister (Maggie)| Ceremony Dress: Handmade in Vietnam | Ceremony Shoes: Wasteland | Desserts: Whole Foods + Ben and Jerry’s | Reception Dress: Bride’s Mom | Food: Bride’s Mom |Bridesmaids Dresses: Bride’s Mom | Wedding Venue: Quail Haven Farms | Arbor decor: Bride’s Mom | Lighting: Bright Ideas Lighting
If you’re interested in my wedding photography services, get in touch! katemiss at – I shoot small weddings within LA for an affordable rate as well.

El Matador

October 25th, 2013


My mom stayed in town for a week after our wedding and I took one of the days off to take her to Malibu. I think if anyone has an extra day while in town El Matador beach is an absolute must and she’d never been. We ate fish and chips at Neptune’s Net and a gloomy day suddenly broke into a hot, sunshine-filled afternoon not long after we stepped foot on the beach. It was perfect, and I tried to shoot it differently than I have in the past.

Also, how is it Friday already and next week is November? October completely got away from me, you guys.

All photos by Kate Miss shot on a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 400 film

Little Moments

October 16th, 2013


I like to finish up a roll of film at home because even though it’s not particularly interesting now, in a while they’ll be little time capsules of moments to look back on. Already I’ve moved things around where Wendy perches (a photo I know I’ve taken countless times) and the eucalyptus left over from our wedding flowers has withered away.

All photos by Kate Miss shot on a Mamiya 645AF with Kodak Portra 400 film

Recent film

October 7th, 2013

Some random shots for myself while shooting for other people. The second photo is shot on Lomography’s Purple Film, which mimics infrared film, which is nearly impossible to find these days and this is a fun alternative. It’s incredible for landscapes and good for fun shoots (I shot a band on it I’ll share soon.) The rest are shot on good ol’ Kodak Portra. All shot on my Mamiya 645AF. I think I’m going to make some of these into prints…