A Desert Birthday Adventure, 2014

Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-8 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-2 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-3 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-7 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-6 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-5 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-4 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-9 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-10 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-11 Kate-Miss-Desert-Maude-12

You may remember a really fun desert adventure in Joshua Tree we had last year for our friend Maude’s birthday, and this year the tradition continued at a different location. Maude upped the ante and required us to all wear white (which Will took liberty with, as you can see in the first photo – we actually both wore overalls but I never remembered to get a family photo! d’oh) and the whole weekend had a cult theme. You can see a rad photo that Jennie took of all of us. Joshua Tree you guys, Joshua Tree. Will and I made everyone these crazy wooden necklaces and passed them out during a ceremony where we hiked into the desert by moonlight and all renamed each other – which sounds ridiculous but we were all many beers deep and laughing so hard it hurt. Even though we brought June and had to keep her basically tied to our side (girl does not do well off leash thanks to lizards and squirrels), it was so nice to just relax and be silly for 24 hours in my favorite place on earth. Maude’s dog Animal came and him and June were serious buddies and it made me so happy as most dogs avoid her like the plague and don’t want to wrestle. Not Animal, dude was game for some serious wrestling and June was delighted. Yet again day dreaming about a little permanent getaway to escape to there…

A little walk


Just a few film photos I finished up the last roll with on one of my walks with June. A grey day after a little rain storm. Things are exceedingly better with this girl lately, and it’s awesome. I still want to let her loose for the coyotes some days, but not nearly as often. And her and Wendy are getting along fairly well, so life is good.

Thank you all for your dog advice and encouragement lately! And sorry my instagram has turned into Petstagram, work has been slow and kind of boring lately so it’s what my brain has been focused on! Totally not offended by unfollows lately, I do it when people start to post too many photos of themselves. ha.

Ojai at dusk


A little over a month ago Will and I took a little trip to Ojai to camp for a night and get away. We used to love to go to Palm Springs to get away but now we’re alllll about Ojai instead. The smell of orange blossoms and wild sage and  was so overwhelming it made me deliriously happy.

I own three Canon A-1 film cameras (Will’s uncle keeps finding them for me, ha) and one has a broken light meter, and apparently I took the broken one with me on two trips recently! D’oh. Kinda lends to the dusk magic I suppose.

ps. an alternate photo to the one of Will dropping the leaves was commissioned for Timothy Cushing’s beautiful new album, Hunting Songs. Each song is accompanied by an original piece of art. Here’s mine.

All photos by Kate Miss, taken on a Canon A-1 with Kodak Portra 160 film