Portrait Day


After a year-long hiatus, Katie and I are excited to be bringing back portrait day! Come get your portrait taken by me, with help and optional hair braiding by Katie. This year we’re taking things up a notch: we’ll be hosting the day on Katie’s Mt. Washington patio, which is a bajillion times larger than mine, so we’ll have lovely day light and studio lights; we’ll also be hand painting two back drops to choose from (the above graphic is a little preview!) in addition to simple white back drop photos. We’re loosening things up and pulling back the camera a little to make things a little less formal this year, and think everyone will be excited about the new direction. With that in mind, here are some examples of past portraits below!


The details:

June 6th, 9am-6pm. Mt. Washington, Los Angeles (you’ll receive the address when you book your appointment)
Sessions usually don’t take up more than 30 minutes of your time (a bit more time for hair if you’re choosing that), and you can bring a change of cloths if you want two different looks.
$150 cash or credit, paid on site.
$20 optional hair braiding
You’ll receive 10-15 photos in color and black and white in 1-2 weeks after the session

We’ll have snacks and bubbly and I promise it’s so much fun, even if you’re nervous! Have great photos for your website and social media – you can stop cringing when people ask you for a headshot.

We’ve set up a reservation system below which will cut down on all the emails back and forth since I’m at my job during the day, but if you have any issues with it, please email me at katemiss at gmail.com! Click the widget below and scroll on the calendar to June 6th (sorry, annoying) Make sure to add in the notes section if you want hair braiding! Include your phone number if you’d like text reminders.

side note: we will be doing more of these, but also offer personalized sessions where we come to you or a location of your choice! Get in touch for rates.

Lately, and not so lately

Kate-Miss-Louise-Erhard (1 of 11)

Oof, I know. It’s like, do I even have a blog anymore? It’s like this: I get home from work and the last thing I want to do is sit at a computer more. Then the weekends roll around and I work on jewelry or I go do fun things, or I play a little freelance catch up (yeah, some projects are still a draggin’). Blogging gets pushed to the bottom of the list because they are so much work to create. So I have some things to catch you up on, some fun stuff I’ve been a part of lately.

First up, last year I shot a story for a new LA magazine called Vuhneeshun on artist Louise Erhard. It was such a cool afternoon because I wasn’t familiar with Louise and her work as she’s in a totally different circle of artists I feel like I’m most exposed to in LA, in a different part of town. She does collage work, using a lot of vintage porn and comic books. Being married to a comic book nerd who used to mainly make collages from them as well, the sight of her work desk and all the little pieces everywhere made me feel at home and nostalgic for our years in New York. Louise was hilarious and open and I loved all the tiny little interesting things in her apartment. You can read Vuhneeshun online here.

Kate-Miss-Louise-Erhard (11 of 11)
Kate-Miss-Louise-Erhard (3 of 11)
Kate-Miss-Louise-Erhard (5 of 11)
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Over the summer I got to collaborate with my friend Caroline Hwang on a little story for Bust magazine. Caroline designed a shibori place setting and styled a shoot I photographed on a brilliantly sunny day in Silver Lake. I love the photo they picked but there were some great outtakes as well! Bust also kindly included me as a featured contributor in the opening pages, which is the kind of thing that makes not only you, but your mom super proud. Below is my favorite outtake.

Kate-Miss-Bust (2 of 2)


Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (5 of 16)

In September I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of my friend Chelsey, whom I’ve been friends with since we were teenagers. Because I move so much, I don’t keep in touch with a ton of old friends, but Chelsey is one of those people you just can’t lose touch with as she’s so great, and I felt so honored she asked me to photograph her and her husband Dan’s big day. It was a beautiful wedding on her grandmother’s former dairy farm in Ellensburg, WA, with really wonderful highlights that were so Chelsey – like all the vintage details, local beer, a bajillion pies her mom hand made, and jars of jam for every guest.

Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (4 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (16 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (1 of 1) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (9 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (15 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (7 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (3 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (2 of 16) Kate-Miss-ChelseyDan (1 of 16)

And lastly, I get asked a lot what the heck I do at my new job, and I finally have some things to share! First off, two products I helped design, as everything at my company is a collaborative effort;  I do the graphic execution and photography.

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 8.26.10 AM
Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 8.26.25 AM
Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 8.29.05 AM

The two new products out are a furoshiki wrapping cloth set for wrapping gifts and more, and these awesome gift tags. It was my first time working on product development besides my own jewelry and print shop and was such a learning experience! I’m so happy with how they turned out and that they’re in the world now. Buy ’em here!

And the last work thing is the branding I designed for an event we have coming up that some of you in LA might be interested in! Being able to bring some hand lettering to the table at work was awesome. You can read more about Handmade Holiday here.


Thanks for reading this insanely long post, hoping to get a music post up later this week!

New California Postcard Set

Kate-Miss-Postcards-2 Kate-Miss-Postcards-3

I have a fun new product I’m excited to share! As you may have noticed, I’m pretty in love with California and taking lots of pictures of its beauty whenever I can. So I decided to put together a set of postcards of my favorite California photos and it’s in the shop now for sale! I’m a fan of sending postcards, and I like having a set of generic cards to send out to people I care about for thank you’s, just saying hello, non-traditional birthday cards. But these are also printed so nicely they’d be just as happy being pinned up or framed on a wall. They’re 4×6, uncoated thick cardstock printed locally, and have space on the back for writing and a stamp.

I hope you enjoy them! And if you have a cool store that’s interested in carrying these bad boys, get in touch. katemiss @ gmail