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New California Postcard Set

March 27th, 2014

Kate-Miss-Postcards-2 Kate-Miss-Postcards-3

I have a fun new product I’m excited to share! As you may have noticed, I’m pretty in love with California and taking lots of pictures of its beauty whenever I can. So I decided to put together a set of postcards of my favorite California photos and it’s in the shop now for sale! I’m a fan of sending postcards, and I like having a set of generic cards to send out to people I care about for thank you’s, just saying hello, non-traditional birthday cards. But these are also printed so nicely they’d be just as happy being pinned up or framed on a wall. They’re 4×6, uncoated thick cardstock printed locally, and have space on the back for writing and a stamp.

I hope you enjoy them! And if you have a cool store that’s interested in carrying these bad boys, get in touch. katemiss @ gmail


March Portrait Session Day

March 5th, 2014


The last day of portraits I hosted was such a smashing success and so many people wanted to take part but were unable to, so Katie and I decided to do it all again! Same details as last time, but I’m raising the price just a touch because Katie ended up helping me way behind doing hair and girl deserves more cash money for her unbelievably awesome help (everyone who had their picture taken would agree). Some of my favorites from the day are here in this post. Such beautiful ladies!

- Saturday, March 22nd, scheduling times every hour from 9am to 4pm.
- $100 gets you a session that should take no more than 30 minutes total of your time, extra for adding on hair styling.
- We’ll be doing half indoor with artificial light, half outdoor with natural light.
- You’ll get around 10-15 photos, in color and black and white via Dropbox in 1-2 weeks.
- $20 extra for hair styling by Katie. Braids are her specialty.
- location: Hermon (between Highland Park and South Pasadena), Los Angeles – exact location upon receiving reservation
- cash or credit accepted
fyi: I have a cat who will no doubt hide the whole day and my neighbors behind my patio have chickens, if you have allergies!

to reserve a slot, email katemiss at and let me know what times you’d prefer and if you’ll also want your hair done.


Thank you to Ashley, Bari, Bethany, Clare, Kara, Sarah, Claudia and Victoria for letting me share your photo!

A Day of Portrait Sessions – February 8th

January 21st, 2014


Hi friends! Excited to announce that on February 8th I’ll be opening my home studio up for a day of quick portrait sessions at a special, super affordable price! Also super cool is that Katie will be on hand for any ladies who would like to add a hairdo/braid onto their session. Are you in need of a new headshot for social media profiles, your about page, your job, etc.? I’m here for you! We’ll be doing simple waist-up photos on my little back patio with natural sunlight and a dark colored background and a lighting set up inside with a plain white backdrop for two different looks, and I’ll be shooting digital and film.


some examples of my portrait work. see other examples here.

The details:

- Saturday, February 8th, scheduling times between 9am and 4pm
- $75 gets you a session that should take no more than 30 minutes total of your time, extra for adding on hair styling.
- You’ll get a few different high res and web res photos emailed to you within the month (if you need it rushed, we can discuss that!)
- $15-20 extra for hair styling. Katie was our second braider at the fundraiser we had with Ali and did my hair for my wedding. She is particularly awesome with crown braids, which look great in photos.
- location: Hermon (between Highland Park and South Pas), Los Angeles – exact location upon receiving reservation
- cash or credit accepted
fyi: I have a cat who will probably hide the whole day and my neighbors behind my patio have chickens, if you have allergies!

to reserve a slot, email katemiss at and let me know what times you’d prefer and if you’ll be wanting some hair help!

Recent work: Crooks On Tape

November 21st, 2013

Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-1 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-4 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-5 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-2 Kate_Miss-CrooksOnTape-3

I recently shot the band Crooks On Tape in Chinatown, mostly using purple film with my Mamiya and Ikoflex.

The band’s debut album, Fingerprint, is out, really fantastic, and you can stream it here. They were recently written up on AV Club and it was cool to see my photo there, albeit uncredited and awkwardly cropped (though probably not their fault). Ha.

Winter/Spring 2014 Jewelry Collection

November 19th, 2013

Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-11 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-18 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-13 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-14 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-29 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-12 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-16 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-19 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-10 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-17 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-26 Kate-Miss-Jewelery_WinterSpring14-15

May I present the Kate Miss Jewelry Winter/Spring 2014 Collection! It’s a small collection of handmade concrete beaded necklaces – some natural, some painted, some dyed. I’ve been asked often to bring back the beaded clay necklaces, but I stopped making them for a reason and wanted to explore ways to make a collection that was reminiscent, but more grown up and subdued while still being affordable. In between wedding planning, I spent a good chunk of my summer experimenting with concrete and settled on making bead shapes very similar to the clay ones as I really like the way they work and are easy to wear. The beads aren’t too heavy and are very lasting and sturdy.

As for the cast bronze necklaces, they are almost the same, but I’ve switched to using gold-fill chain. It’s much more expensive, but I’m not raising the price besides making them all the same price (there was some slight variation before). What this means is that the chain will take much, much longer to tarnish (years, really, depending on how often you wear it) and you won’t need to clean it as often. You’ll just need to shine up your bronze pendant/bead with a squirt of ketchup now and then (yep!) and you’ll be good to go.

Concrete necklaces are all made to order and should take about a week or two to ship, cast necklaces will ship a couple days within your order. So get your holiday presents now!

Will art directed this shoot and made the amazing backdrop and props, I took all the photos, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. He wanted to take this shoot in a more interesting direction than I’ve done before and I think he certainly succeeded. Due to time constraints I had to be my own model like old times, but it was really fun to do the makeup and take my time with the photos in the studio.

Thank you as always for your support, friends! If you want to spread the word you can use any images you’d like.

All photos taken by Kate Miss and art directed by William Steinman

A Halloween Treat

October 31st, 2013


Happy Halloween, y’all! I love Halloween although I haven’t dressed up for it in ages. I think if I ever have kids some day making them costumes will be my favorite thing ever, just like my dad did for my brother and I as kids. For now, I have Katie’s pug, Peggy. We made these costumes this morning with only things found in the studio and I took iPhone pictures. We win life? Obviously. Enjoy.

ps. She actually thoroughly enjoyed the costumes and had a good time, following us around while we made props. Best dog ever.

Weddings: Goldy + Keenan

October 29th, 2013


The weekend before our own wedding, Will and I drove down near San Diego to Quail Haven farm and I shot someone else’s wedding – an event that many thought I was out of my mind to shoot so close to ours and during the most stressful week ever, but honestly, it was pretty nice. It was a distraction and a creative focus that didn’t involve spreadsheets, and it was a pretty low stress day as far as shooting weddings go.

What I can say about Goldy and Keenan’s wedding, besides how lovely it was and how touching all the little details hand crafted by them and their families, is that I’ve never seen a more competitive group of people in my life. I should have been tipped off when they told me they met on an ultimate frisbee team, but the extent of this wasn’t totally evident to me until everyone sat down for dinner and a drinking contest broke out to see which table got to go to the buffet line next. It went from drinking beer from glasses to drinking beer straight from the pitchers quite rapidly. Needless to say it was a lively evening, and they were smart people to hire a bus to drive everyone to their hotels. Weddings, above all, should be really damn fun and they certainly succeeded. And dang, that beautiful golden light!

Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-31 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-44 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-47 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-55 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-52 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-96 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-97 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-111 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-124 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-166 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-134 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-165 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-168 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-171 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-214 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-223 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-226 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-259 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-263 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-266 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-269 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-280 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-286 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-288 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-356 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-364 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-373 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-431 Kate-Miss-GoldyKeenan-454

The details:

Photography: Kate Miss (shot on a mix of digital and medium format film) | Floral Design: Inland Wholesale Flowers assembled by Brides Friends (Alia+Becca) | Invitations: VistaPrint | Event Day-Of Coordinator: Taryn Sutherand |  Hair and Makeup: Bride+Bride’s Sister (Maggie)| Ceremony Dress: Handmade in Vietnam | Ceremony Shoes: Wasteland | Desserts: Whole Foods + Ben and Jerry’s | Reception Dress: Bride’s Mom | Food: Bride’s Mom |Bridesmaids Dresses: Bride’s Mom | Wedding Venue: Quail Haven Farms | Arbor decor: Bride’s Mom | Lighting: Bright Ideas Lighting
If you’re interested in my wedding photography services, get in touch! katemiss at – I shoot small weddings within LA for an affordable rate as well.

Barrington Blue

October 17th, 2013


Last winter I had the pleasure of designing a logo for a company called Barrington Blue, and this summer, owner Carrie asked me if I’d shoot her look book. Carrie takes vintage textiles and creates amazing pillows and upholsters benches and stools. My dad is an upholsterer and it’s one skill I kick myself for not having him teach me while I lived in Seattle, but I think it instilled a love of fabrics and giving furniture a new life. I asked Rebecca to come help me style the shoot and we spent the day with Carrie in her awesome backyard in Laurel Canyon. I highly recommend checking out the pieces on her website or see them in person here in LA at some upcoming events. Tell her I sent you!


Ermie Collection 2

August 19th, 2013

The latest beautiful Ermie collection I shot is now up in Jennifer’s shop! Here are some of my favorite photos:

You bet I’m getting my paws on those amazing shorts, and the drop cloth dress has already been worn 8,000 times. All the accessories in the photos are for sale in the shop as well.

All photographs by Kate Miss - mix of medium format film and digital
Hair & Makeup by Beatrice Valenzuela

A glimpse

July 24th, 2013

I’ve had a busy past week and no time to post here, but a glimpse at what I’ve been up to – a new Ermie shoot! More to come after a whole lot of editing I have ahead of me… It was great to work with Jennifer and Beatrice again, and to meet lovely, lovely Ayanna.

So forgive me if I’ve been the world’s worst emailer lately – on top of the wedding being in nine weeks (!!) I haven’t been this busy with design work in a while, I haven’t had much time for anything else, including jewelry. Gulp. But after the wedding I want to be taking a lot more photos – hire me! :) I invested in a 5D and am itching to get away from my computer more and collaborate, that’s for sure.

ps. I know you’re going to ask where those rad shoes are from.