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April 9th, 2014

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You may or may not have heard that Will and I adopted a dog two weeks ago. She’s a purebred Australian Cattle dog (though very small for her breed), we named her June, and they think she’s about a year/year and a half. We’ve been wanting a dog for a long time now, but only recently did our living and financial situation come together to be a good time. I saw her one day on the Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue I keep an eye on, and it seemed too soon, but she seemed too good to be true, so Will and I took a day off of work and we drove up to Paso Robles to meet her (which is so much farther than my brain told myself it would be). We were warned she was really hyper but just needed to be trained, as she’d lived with a family that had way too many dogs and never got walks or training, and the city made them give up some of the dogs. We fell in love with her right away – she’s as cute as button and loves to give kisses. There was no doubt in our minds we’d take her home asap.

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But, here’s the but. As she settled in after a few days, things got so hard. I knew that bringing a dog into our lives wouldn’t be easy peasy, but I will fully admit I had no idea how hard it would be. (If you’re thinking of adopting a dog, think about how tricky it will be and you may need to multiply that a few times). She has issues I wasn’t prepared for and in the past two weeks there have been two points where I broke down sobbing, telling Will I didn’t think we should keep her – that she deserved someone who had the time and energy to train her and not resent her. I resented her so hard and felt so guilty all the time. And in turn she loved Will and was a jerk to me, because dogs are smart and pick up on all of that. But amazing people sent me amazing advice and friends told us horror stories about their dogs in their first year with them that I had no idea about. I realized the few dogs I knew well had either secret issues or were adoption story anomalies. I realized I wanted her to fit into the way I live my life right now and felt so stubborn about admitting that I needed to make certain changes and be super patient with her. We can’t go on long neighborhood walks anymore, but I drive her to parks where there are no scary dogs behind fences and every few days we go on a long trail run. I keep her away from my friend’s submissive dogs until I can teach her “leave it” and “watch me” like a pro (she’s a rough houser, which shockingly, not all dogs love). I’m figuring out how to keep her entertained and what jobs to give her to keep her happy. We’re taking her to training and learning lots of useful things. And some days it sucks and I feel defeated, but it’s getting so much better just in a few short days. I keep this list in my head of all the things I love about her and it grows every day, I feel less hopeless and full of more love.



And the question I get the most is “but what about Wendy?!”, even some really judgmental comments about how sad they are for her and that adds to my stress and guilt like you don’t even know. Because so far June isn’t great around Wendy – we were told she was raised with cats, but she sees her and wants to play, just like dogs on the street. And maybe the cats she was around before were used to that. But Wendy is a tough ass bitch (I mean seriously) and we have a baby gate up for her in the bedroom that she can get under (but June cannot) to have her own private space, and then when June is crated at night she gets the place to herself. She’s stopped hissing at June when they look at each other, and slowly June’s interest in her is starting to fade – which is exactly what we want. A lack of intrigue. I feel guilty often, but Wendy is the laziest cat on earth who sleeps all day, so things haven’t really changed too much. Every day we each make sure we hang out with her and give her lots of attention. I’m confident my vision of the four of us snuggling on the sofa watching TV together will come true in the future. Maybe just way, way in the future. I’m willing to wait for that moment.

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June’s awesome shibori dyed leash in the second photo is made by a fantastic company here in LA, Blink. I posted about them years ago and was excited to have a reason to get something finally! It’s tricky to see but she also has one of their cute tags with her name on it.

A little home tour

March 28th, 2014

Kate-Miss-thespoiledlife Kate-Miss-thespoiledlife-3 Kate-Miss-thespoiledlife-2

A couple weeks ago The Spoiled Life stopped by and took some photos of me at home and they’re up today! Some of you have been asking for a home tour and this is as close as it gets. Wendy was being antisocial hiding under the covers so the bedroom wasn’t shot (though she came out for a second to say hi for one photo), but the bedroom isn’t terribly exciting anyway. It’s fun to see your place through someone else’s lens! Pop over for more photos and a little questionnaire. And look at that, some open mouth smiles!

On Smiling

March 26th, 2014

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On Saturday I held another portrait session day and afterwards Katie and I discussed how taking portraits is an interesting and often sad look at how women perceive themselves. I’ve been thinking about this a lot since I started taking more photos of other people, noticing this knee-jerk reaction to having our photos taken that so many women exhibit once the camera is on them. They immediately point out a physical quality about themselves that they hate and hope the photographer can correct for, a look of shame and disgust washing over their faces while they say it. And 99.9% of the time I can never see what they’re talking about. Never. I get that when you spend a lot of time looking at yourself in the mirror – whether you want to or not – you find flaws and you compare and you notice things. But I’ve also noticed a consistent pattern that this quality was once (or more then once) pointed out to them by another woman in their lives – very often their mothers or grandmothers. Often a classmate at school. Which bums me out because I know that while classmates could be doing it to feed their own insecurities, usually our mom only means well while leaving us with this wounded ego that follows us around our whole lives.

I also notice that so many of us can’t stand photos of ourselves smiling big. Katie and I debated on whether this was just a stylistic trend right now – the moody, artsy photos being more popular (I take part in this often) or if it’s more psychological than that. That photos of yourself grinning ear to ear are sort of a display of bragging or just seen as obnoxious? When I edit photos I’m drawn to the ones where people look genuinely happy and full of joy, but my clients almost never use those photos because they’re give a similar reaction “yuck, I hate photos of my smiling, my face looks weird!” Are we not used to seeing ourselves smiling in the mirror? I myself have very crooked teeth and feel like it’s always been a point of shame for me, so I have to work hard at not being ashamed by my smile.

But we both agreed we’ve been taught a lesson in all of this – to quiet that stupid voice in our head that spits out insults about ourselves to others, to embrace being joyous in photos more often, to be more comfortable in front of the camera. That being said, when someone comments on a photo of me and say I need to smile and look happier, I reject that kind of commentary as it’s just as unhelpful and photos of people not smiling are beautiful as well!

have a beautiful day, friends!

Jewelry News

March 14th, 2014

a photo from portrait day of Katie wearing the Etched Moon necklace

Just a few quick jewelry updates! The new Etched Moon necklaces flew off the shelves (I’m a liar, I don’t have shelves) but they are back in stock! Also back in stock are drops, which is a favorite around here to give moms I’ve noticed. And if you’re a good child perhaps you’ll want to get on a Mother’s Day present soon, just sayin’.

In other news, I have two new online retailers: District West, a cool new LA Times retail venture highlighting makers in the greater Los Angeles area by neighborhood (patiently waiting for them to add my ‘hood so it doesn’t look like I don’t really live in LA, ha). They are also selling some of my prints. Definitely check the whole site out, there are some really cool things to be found! The second shop is a great new online store called Anomie, and my pieces are in great company with some amazing brands I admire.

Lastly, this has nothing to do with jewelry but just thought I’d remind you again to give to the Got A Girl Crush kickstarter! Giving = just pre-ordering the next issue, NBD! Seven days to go.

Brief Things

February 21st, 2014

I’ve had major blog writers block lately and have decided to half give up. I wanted to write a post about bad ass ladies lately and I couldn’t find the right words, so here is a condensed version and you’ll just have to forgive my brevity:

Please read Wild.

Ordinary Girl LA has one of my favorite interview series: Ordinary People, with lots of real talk. Please go look.

Please support the Got A Girl Crush Issue 3 Kickstarter! In the promo video you can see me in the flesh be a huge dork.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 9.56.06 AM
I wrote a guest post for Honey Kennedy, which you can go read and be nostalgic for days when I did not have writers block and feel meeehhh about blogs and the internet. Just pure “hey look at this cool stuff!” vibes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! To update my last post I am now officially obsessed with the Beck album and think it’s way more positive than Sea Change, which I need in my life these days as I’m not longer an 18 year old girl with SO MANY FEELINGS (year I was when Sea Change came out, which SHOCKED ME upon doing the math). As for the St. Vincent album, it starts off amazing and then I lose interest, but that could change!

New Jewelry & Prints In Stock

February 10th, 2014

KateMiss_Jewelry_WinterSpring2014-cast-blog Kate-Miss-Pear-blog

New items both the Kate Miss Jewelry and Kate Miss Prints shops! First up, a new simple cast bronze shape – Arrow, plus a special edition to the cast necklaces – Etched Moon. Etched Moon is larger with a shiny, polished finished and etched details. It’s actually cast from the necklace I made with metal clay for my wedding. I have very limited quantities of both new necklaces while I have more made – I just wanted to get them up in time for Valentines Day! If you need rush shipping in time for Friday, please let me know. Individual Medley in Los Angeles also has one of each.

As for the new print, it’s a photo I took during the Winter 2014 jewelry shoot that my husband Will art directed and styled, so I’m excited to have a collaborative print in stock. We debuted the prints at the LA Art Book Fair and sold out of them like hot cakes by the second day. Available in 8×10 and 5×7 sizes.

Great Heights

January 23rd, 2014


Even though my plate has been extra full lately (just the way I like it), I’ve been making a point to take breaks on go on lots of hikes lately. I know this is a very LA thing to do, but I never partook in it much when we lived on the other side of town as I didn’t have a car at my disposal to get to the hikes and the closest thing was Griffith Park, which I love but the trails are often super crowded and I prefer more solitude. On our new side of town there are so many pretty walks and hikes to discover, and it feels like exactly what I needed. Reflecting on how I was starting to feel about LA when we lived in Koreatown, I realize how necessary this move was for us – me especially. Maybe it’s watching half of the country get buried in snow while I sunbathe, but oh LA, I love you. Cue Jenny.

December was such a downer of a month that it took everything in me to turn it around. January has been a steady climb to such greater heights (literally and figuratively) and I can feel that the knot of worry inside my stomach is nearly gone. I was hiking at my recent favorite – Ernest Debs – with just a few other people walking their dogs, watching the sun was just start to slip and turn everything golden and the hot, hot day was fading and a cool breeze started blowing. I walked over to the edge of the trail and closed my eyes for a full minute to feel everything in that moment, it was so perfect. I opened my eyes and looked down, picked up the prettiest rock I could find and pocketed it. It sits on my desk now within view to remind me to always find strength in turning things around. I’ve said this here before, but sometimes it’s necessary to feel like a pathetic sack of shit to appreciate the contrast in feeling amazing.


Fellow NELA dwellers, any other hiking recs? I went on a sweet little loop at Eagle Rock Canyon trail and I walk all over my neighborhood, but I’m willing to drive a bit more.

LA Art Book Fair

January 16th, 2014


Excited to let you guys know that Will and I will have a table at Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair at MoCA at the end of this month! We’ll be in the zine section and have zines/magazines/books made by Will and other awesome friends, some prints by us and friends, and I’ll have a bit of jewelry as well. The opening is evening of Thursday the 30th from 6-9pm and then will be open Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-6, and Sunday 11-6. We’re putting some elbow grease into making an awesome display and hope you come say hi and/or buy some stuff! The jewelry is perfect timing for Valentine’s Day, winkwinknudgenudge.

Printed Matter’s LA ART BOOK FAIR 2014
January 31- February 2, 2014
Opening: Thursday, January 30, 2014, 6–9 pm
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

This Year

January 6th, 2014

I keep writing this post in my mind, over and over. And I wanted to address what I failed at this year, but acknowledge what I managed to succeed at, but largely it was going to involve pointless regrets and the lack of progression in my professional life. And then I was reading Felicia’s blog (which I recently discovered and devoured) and I saw this quote and felt lifted:

I’m constantly aware of lost opportunities. I used to think such lost opportunities were beautiful towns flashing by my train windows, but now I imagine they are lanterns from the past, casting light on what’s ahead. – Chris Huntington

Simply, this year:

- Get my jewelry business back on track and focused. Do more events and wholesale accounts. Advertise? Oof, I’ve never done all that and now I need to. You can’t ride good luck forever, apparently. :)
- Be a good wife, a part of a good marriage. Understand and know what that means, at least most of the time.
- Surround myself with people who are good to me. Professionally and personally. People who are good to me will get me farther than anyone with a lot of “connections”, anytime. Tell those people how good they are to me.
- Meet more creatives in LA, collaborate more. Interact in person more.
- Take classes.
- Use my library card more.
- Spend more wisely. Shopping is not therapy. Finances are so key this year.
- Be less forgetful. Write it down, stay on top of things. I started using the Any.DO app + chrome extension (that part was key, I’m not a huge app user) and so far I really like it.
- More small adventures. I mean that in so many different ways.
- Stay physically active in at least some small way every day.

My biggest themes:

1. Let it go. “Choose your battles” also applies to the battles inside your head and heart. This is so far-reaching across so many facets of my life. From friends and clients I hold grudges towards to road rage on the freeway. To projects going wrong and letting the regret consume me. Failure is a lesson learned, analyze it, grow.

2. Focus. Get it. Push. Ok, I sound like a Jillian Michaels work out, but I lost my edge last year and my ambition wavered. I’m an unhappy person when I’m not doing slightly too much and wanting more for myself productively. Figure out what I should be focusing on more and less, what I’m good at and what people like from me. I had to put a lot of my business aside while planning our wedding last year, but I learned what I’m capable of producing, which I’m honestly really impressed with myself for. Years ago I would never have considered myself organized or a good planner, and now I know I’m capable of that when I’m working on something I truly love and want to invest in. I need to run with that.

After weeks of banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what it is I want this year and feeling sorry for myself, I feel invigorated and READY. I’m going to see my family this week (a late Christmas for me) and hope some music making with my brother, photo taking with my dad (I gave him my old camera), and spa soaking with mom refreshes me and pumps me up for an awesome 2014. I spent most of my weekend updating my portfolio site and realized I did more than I thought this year and aim for even more this year.

All photos are snippets of our new place, which we are both really loving.

I always love hearing what you guys are focusing on this year, and what’s helping you do so!

holiday break

December 20th, 2013


I wanted to say hello and goodbye before I (and a most of the blogging world) take next week off for Christmas. I’ll actually be working most of the week on a big project, but a quieter internet will be so helpful. This morning I woke up to an ongoing, week-long grumpy attitude largely thanks to having an incredibly slow work month, putting me into a bit of a panic about money and “omg I’ll never work again” thoughts, which is so stupid because every December is slow for business for me, and everything always falls into place just when I start to panic. I did some yoga, ran some errands in the crisp sunshine, and stared at the bottle of bourbon I bought for us to enjoy this evening when I had a solution to my freelance blues. Cue some dance music and everything is right again.

I’ll be back before we head into the new year with a best of 2013 music list and shortly after my new year’s resolutions, but I just want to take this moment to thank you guys. This blog has lost a lot of readers this year, thanks to my own negligence and a general lack of a ton of blog reading on the internet everywhere, and I so appreciate those of you that have stuck around while I evolve and grow, and sometimes just stay right where I am. I’ve always firmly believed in quality over quantity, and you are no exception, friends. Have a lovely holiday if you celebrate, see you in a week.

Every morning until around 9am the corner of my office is sprinkled with rainbows, thanks to this little prism I bought after seeing one Lauren has. At first I tried to hang it somewhere that I could enjoy rainbows all day with, but discovered that you can’t have magic like that all the time or it loses its specialness (and also makes you kind of nauseated.)