Kate Miss Jewelry: New Necklaces


New necklaces in stock now that I’ve been working on for ohhhhh, I don’t know, a year now? I so very slowly concepted and created them, and think they were worth the wait.  Inspired by stained glass windows, art deco, and Mondrian-like intersections of shapes, the Composition necklaces are hand fused from wax and cast in bronze. Gold-fill chain and findings. I hope you like them! I have a super limited stock until my caster gets me more in stock that they’re casting as we speak!

In addition, I participated in a sale over the weekend here in LA and everything I made for it that didn’t sell is now in the shop on sale. And everyone who purchases two necklaces or more gets a free California post card pack!

Urban Outfitters Collaboration


Remember how I said I was working on a big collaboration that was consuming my life last month? Well, blood*, sweat, and tears paid off and today I can happily tell you that my collaboration with Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal line is out today! Three exclusive necklaces made with my hand-formed concrete beads alongside vintage glass beads.

These babies are limited edition, so get ’em while they last!

Shout out to my girl Katie for helping me with these, I couldn’t have done it without her.

*literally, sanding that many concrete beads I sanded the hell out of my fingers, oof.

New Jewelry: Kate Miss x Will Steinman Recycled Wood Necklaces

KateMiss-Jewelry-FallWood-blog KateMiss-Jewelry-FallWood-model-blog

Sometime earlier in the year, or maybe even last year, Will came home from work one day with a little wooden bead he’d made at work from scrap wood. He gave it to me and thought I could figure out what to do with it. I strung it on a piece of bright red suede and it quickly became a staple necklace for me. People stop me all the time to ask where it’s from and how they can get one – so I started bugging him to make more so I could sell them. Needless to say it took ages for this to finally come to fruition, but it was worth the wait. So in stock now are these beautiful necklaces – hand cut and sanded by Will. The wood is recycled from offcuts  – each one beautifully unique with hints of paint and wood glue in slightly varying rectangular shapes. Lightweight and easy to wear every day, these necklaces come with your choice of two different cord materials in four different colors: red or charcoal grey suede, marigold or black nylon. The cord is adjustable from about 14″ long, so you can wear it long or short.

I’m excited to have a collaboration with my husband and hope we do more in the future! And yes, a real jewelry release is in the works in time for the holidays, life is just in the way lately!